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The Sun-Herald (Sydney, Australia) Grant Thompson

Sydney artist aidan nolan has gained the rather unusual prestige of world-wide release for his first album Tales From The Sun.

To date, aidan lists his chief musical achievements as composing the title song for the film No Roses For Michael, and working as a busker on the London tube. He was arrested for the latter exploit.

The Sun-Herald (Sydney, Australia) Gil Wahlquist

aidan nolan is an outstanding new solo performer who sings 12 of his own songs on the LP Tales From The Sun. The disc was produced by John J Francis and the accompanying musicians who are heard on the Francis records – Doug Gallagher, George Ambrosio, Alan Luchetti, Ross Ward, John Bird and Roy Giles. nolan deals with everyday emotions and aspirations and treats them in a way which would suit the more thoughtful end of the market.

Spaceman, which opens the album is a good song on a popular theme. One Out On A Limb has strong instrumental sounds matching the voice of nolan and the nonsense section of the lyric is very catchy. nolan's reference to North Shore housewives in the opening to Till I Get Me Some Money is the only journalistic touch in the lyrics. For his other songs nolan employs a loose imagery which allows the listener to fit to their own situation.

aidan nolan has worked as a guitarist and vocalist with a number of bands and he has actively composed during this time, it all flows very well. The disc is an excellent production.

International Release For Unknown Songwriter – TV Week (Australia) Martin King & Ian Dougall

Young Sydney singer-songwriter aidan nolan is to get overseas releases with his new album, Tales From The Sun. The album is being released in the United Kingdom and Europe now and will be released in the United States in February. All the songs are written by aidan and the album was produced by John J Francis. The first single, Melanie Moonbeam, enjoyed success in most Australian states and a new single, Spaceman, has just been released.

Tales From The Sun is a first-rate production, without doubt one of the most original Australian albums released for many years. Spaceman, One Out On A Limb, Wasting My Time, Can't Go On Like This, Laughing and Sweet Soft Summer Sound stand out on the album.

aidan started writing songs when he was only five and has since composed more than 1200 songs. Among his musical achievements is the composing of the music for the drug film documentary No Roses For Michael. Soon after recording this first album he left for England and worked as a busker on the London Tube system and Portobello Road, for which exploit he was arrested. Apart from busking he also worked in many of the leading sound studios in England.

aidan has begun work on his second album, which should be released in late Autumn. If Tales From The Sun is any indication of his ability as a singer and songwriter, then aidan's musical career is only beginning. The fresh new style of his songs make him a singer with a difference, and if luck is on his side he should gain recognition on the international market.

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